who we are

What is allinone classes and why should you considuer joining us?

The three pillars of successful education and learning are students, teachers and parents. It’s a mutual contribution of all three that lead a student to clear HSC/ISC/State Board exams, prestigious engineering, medical entrance examinations and various job oriented entrance examiniations.

Allinone classes is different things to different people: Students, Teachers and Parents.

For million plus students preparing for HSC/ISC/State Board exams, prestigious engineering, medical entrance examinations and various job oriented entrance examiniations, All-in-one-classes is a friend, a guide, a mentor, an affectionate senior, and a boon.

For all Students who have cleared the prestigious exams like IIT JEE, AIPMT (NEET) and other competitive exams, Allinone classes is a medium to share all their experiences and learning to future aspirants.

For those Parents,

  • Who are worried about whether teachers are teaching properly or if their children are putting full concentration in classes, Allinone classes is a perfect monitoring platform to keep a close watch on child`s exam preparation. Imagine you are able to observe everything right from your home.

  • Who are not able to afford very expensive fees of many offline coaching centres, Allinone classes is a cheaper option to get very high quality teaching through an online platform.

  • Who are planning to send their children to private coching center, Allinone classes is a convenient option to take online classes directly from their home. It’s very similar to normal classroom coaching and in some way even better than offline coaching.

For all those parents and students who believe in technology, Allinone classes is a way to embrace the technology and be a part of it. Digital technology is changing the way we do our work, how we gather information and take decisions. Why can`t we prepare for examinations and achieve successful results in the same way?

Internally, we are a bunch of engineers, thinkers, teachers, researchers who likes to revolutionize the Indian education system to adapt a new digital platform.

We believe in providing quality exam preparation, taking care of our students, respect the faith their parents have put on us, and above all, deliver on promises we made at start.

Some of us are here because of the ownership and the opportunity to build something from scratch and some because of the ways in which we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Whatever be one’s reason, all of us are here to provide something valuable to students.